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Summary about Middle Eastern Respiratory Syndrome

Introduction to our website

Hi there! We welcome you to our website. We are students of an Italian school who have carried out a project about viruses worldwide. In collaboration with our teachers we decided to create a website, which is the most practical solution to reach as many people as possible, which is our goal. Here you will find a summary of everything you need to know. On the site You will also find other more detailed articles and special contents. Enjoy!

Some generic information

Mers Virus (also known as Middle-Eastern Respiratory Syndrome) is a particular type of virus that belongs to the coronavirus family. Its scientific name is Mers-CoV.

The first case (patient “zero”) was reported on September 24, 2012 by an Egyptian doctor named Ali Mohamed Zaki in Saudi Arabia in Jeddah. The European Center for Health Prevention and Control registers over 400 cases worldwide on 30 April 2014, of which more than 130 have died.

In July 2019, the World Health Organization in collaboration with the University of Oxford declared a reduction in cases and deaths thanks to the timely diagnosis of the infected and the actions taken to reduce transmission.

According to the most recent data (dating back to November 2019) the confirmed infections are exceed 2490 and the deaths associated with the mers result to be about 850.

Some cases were diagnosed in England and France, but were nevertheless connected with the Arabian Peninsula.